The Horse Experience


The Horse Experience lets you interact with our horses while they are at liberty, free to move around with no halters or lead ropes. You will be outside in the arena with gorgeous views, in nature, sharing the space and energy of these beautiful, sensitive and intuitive creatures. The Horse Experience does not involve riding horses. All interactions with the horses are done on the ground and no prior experience with horses is required.
​​The powerful Horse Experience sessions can bring relaxation, healing, self-awareness, give more insight in non-verbal communication and help you find your own solutions. They can help you reconnect with yourself and others, learn to overcome obstacles & challenges, teach leadership skills, help with teambuilding,  build confidence,  overcome fear and help you learn to set boundaries.​​

What makes horses so special that they can do all this? Horses are prey animals and in order to survive they evolved to be masters at reading body language and undercurrents in the space around them. You may have seen wildlife documentaries where of a group of lions walk past a group of zebras (who are prey animals just like horses) without the zebras fleeing. That's because they read the lions body language and intentions and knew there was no threat at that time.

When you enter the space of the horses they will read you subtly and with intent. They will sense what's in your heart and soul and respond to that. Their actions and behavior are a reflection of what you or your group projects in the space. This act of mirroring gives powerful instant feedback without judgement or ego.

Horses also truly live in the moment and they encourage us to do the same.

The Horse Experience is experiential - learning by doing. We believe you have the best solutions for yourself given the opportunity to find them. At Mountain Horse Farm, we create this opportunity by holding the space for you, in nature and with the help of our horses.  ​​​​
​​ ​​​ ​​
  • Couples:  a wonderful way to have fun with your partner while working on strenghtening your bond, learning to understand each other better and learning to overcome obstacles & challenges. The perfect way to reconnect in busy times or after major changes like having a baby or being with the two of you again after the children left. 
  • Women: there is something magical about the bond between women and horses. Come by yourself or bring a girlfriend or a group of girlfriends. These powerful sessions for women focus on finding your inner strength & purpose in life, overcoming fear, building confidence and learning to set boundaries. And for mother & daughters we can also include strenghtening your bond & learning to understand each other better.
  • Grief/Loss/Illness: going through a life changing event like losing someone you loved or fighting an illness can make you feel tired & drained. You may feel a bit lost and not sure about your direction. Retreating to a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful place in nature with horses that help you heal may be just what you need.
  • For the Love of Horses: do you feel drawn to horses and do you wish to be close to them, building a relationship, getting to know and understand them and having fun doing so, then this session is perfect for you. The focus will be on your relationship with the horses but you may find that the insights you gain, transfer to your human relationships as well. 
  • Mindfulness: Learn to be more present from the masters of living in the moment: Our Horses!​​

Corporate Sessions

Teambuilding & Leadership skills. Read MORE  about our powerful & effective corporate sessions.

​​​​​What to expect during sessions​​

Sessions will start with a short walk to our Gathering Tipi where you will be invited to participate in grounding/ mindfulness excercises: relaxation, breathing, visualization, movement, or even drumming will help bring you into the present moment. This will take about 15 minutes.

The rest of the time (75 minutes) will be spend with our horses. You will share their space either in the field or arena. The horses will be at liberty, free to move around, just like you. We will invite you to interact and play with them and the activities we suggest depend on the goals that are set for the session.

We will ask you to not use your cell phone or cameras during sessions but there will be time at the end of the session to take pictures and say goodbye to the horses.

At the end of the session, after you said goodbye to the horses, we will go back to the Gathering Tipi where there will be time to reflect. You will find yourself thinking about what happened in the session long after it ends and to support this process you will receive the "Start where you are" journal for self-exploration to take home with you. A wonderful journal that pairs insightful quotes with prompts that spark reflection through writing, drawing, list making and more. Wherever you're headed this journal will help you get there and gain a deeper understanding along the way.
Sessions are facilitated by a team of two professionals: an equine specialist and a licensed counselor. Mountain Horse Farm is certified through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association).​​​​​

To participate in The Horse Experience you will be required to sign a waiver. Make sure you wear shoes with closed toes (no flipflops, slippers or sandals) and it's always a good idea to dress in layers. 

90 minutes session for 1 person: $270
90 minutes session for up to 2 people: $295
90 minutes session for up to 4 people: $375

​For larger groups and corporate sessions, please inquire about rates.


The horses in our Horse sanctuary all found their forever home, where they can live a life as natural as possible:  having free choice to go in and out of the barn without ever being locked up, eating from the ground, natural hoof trimming with no shoes, living in a herd where they can form strong bonds and friendships as they would do in the wild. 

Meet & Greets with our horses are available for guests that are staying with us. We will take you to the barn to meet & pet them.
Cricket is our grand old lady. She is well in her twenties but looks much younger. She is firmly in charge of the herd and very communicative. Always nickering or whinnying. She is smart, strong, independent and a sassy redhead. Before she came to us she didn't always have it easy in life and she has some scars on her face to show for it. Now she is living the good life and enjoys every minute of it.
Noa is our sweet little girl. The youngest horse we have at the farm with the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on a horse. Noa had a rough start in life because she was almost starved to death as a baby. She was taken in by the animal rescue organization Lollypop Farm and we adopted her from there. Because of the malnutrition in her first year her growth has been stunted and the muscles in her hindlegs didn't develop properly. It's not bothering her but she can't be ridden which made her a difficult horse to be adopted out. But since we don't ride our horses she was a perfect match for us. She is a sweet, in your pocket kind of horse, persistent, curious, playful and she gets along with everybody. 
Jaxon is our gentle giant. A 17.5 hands and almost 1800 pounds Belgian Draft. We know a lot about his background and it seems like he always had a good home. He is our big boy, sweet, goofy, strong, clumsy and happy. He is the only male horse we have and he is protective of his ladies. He gets along with all other horses and especially likes the minis. 
Suzie Q and Missy
Suzie Q and Missy are our adorable minis.  We adopted both of them from Begin Again Horse Rescue. Suzie Q was used for breeding all her life, which is not easy on a horse, and when she was too old for that she was discarded as useless. We are very thankful that Begin Again Horse Rescue took her in so we could adopt her from there. Missy has a  similar story. She ended up in dire straits after her owner died. The two girls are BFF's and do not like to be separated from each other. Missy is our pasture greeter, always coming to the fence to say Hi, very social and sweet but also playful and frisky. Suzie Q is the more serious one, she is also a bit on the bossy side but very appreciative of the life she is leading right now.  
Suzie Q on the left and Missy on the right 
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