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Forest Bathing

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Take time away from your busy life to retreat. To be quiet and still and to reconnect with nature, yourself and others.


  • Spa - massages, acupressure, sauna.  Read More
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  • the Horse Experience - Restorative - Relaxation - Healing - Growing with Horses. Read More 
  • ​Mindfulness & Self exploration
  • Forest bathing - Shinrin-Yoku
  • Be creative- Painting, Photography, Sculpting & Writing


Mindfulness can help you become more relaxed, focused, calm, happy & kind. Leading corporations are teaching it to their employees to better manage stress, celebrities make it part of their lifestyle and athletes use it to get in "the flow" so they can stay calm & perform under pressure.

At Mountain Horse Farm, you will learn about Mindfulness that doesn't require you to be spiritual or religious and it will teach you how to apply it to all aspects of your life. It's a modern, mobile form of Mindfulness that you can do everywhere not just while sitting on a cushion in a quiet room and it doesn't require you to unplug all your digital devices.

Upon your arrival at Mountain Horse Farm you will find the book "Modern Mindfulness: How to Be More Relaxed, Focused, and Kind While Living in a Fast, Digital, Always-On World" by Rohan Gunatillake ready for you in your room. Your stay at our beautiful & quiet retreat will give you the opportunity to read about & practice the more than sixty excercises in the book at your own pace through self-study. So, when you go back home you will have learned how to apply Mindfulness to all aspects of your life.

You will also find the journal "Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration" by Meera Lee Patel waiting for you upon arrival. This uplifting, interactive journal will help you nurture your creativity, mindfulness & self-motivation.

Add this to your stay for $35 (includes the book & journal that you will take home with you).  

Forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku is a guided walk through the woods that brings a sense of deep well-being that comes from being outdoors immersed in nature.  You can expect a fun, relaxing stroll of less than one mile on a well-maintained trail. The walk includes a series of guided invitations designed to engage with the forest.

Health benefits are said to include: reduced stress, enhanced immune response, improved and stabilized moods, sharper cognition, increased creativity and sense of belonging. That’s right,  time in Nature makes you happier, healthier, and smarter!  

Whether you are in Nature all the time or are reluctant to walk in the wild alone, on a Shinrin-Yoku Forest  walk you will be skillfully guided into a gentle, enjoyable, full sensory experience of our natural world.  Your mind can rest as you sink into invitations that engage your senses...taking in the images, sounds, aromas, breath, touch and wisdom of the forest.  Insights received are often profound.  Walks are concluded with a tea ceremony of wild, forest plants.

You may wonder why you need a guide.  Robert and Laura described it this way:

Because I don't do it by myself.  And even if I do go for a walk in the woods, I usually let my mind spin and the guide's well-timed prompts to tune into specific senses kept me returning to the peace and guidance available in the moment.  -Laura

I believe that sharing a relationship with the guide on the walk heightened my awareness of, and my relationship to, what was around me in a way that was more tangible than what I would have experienced on my own.  To be frank, I was quite surprised at how exhilarating and profoundly peaceful it was to let myself indulge in this little journey together.   - Robert

60 min. : 1-2 people $175, 3-4 people $255.
​3 hours: 1-2 people $315, 3-4 people $425.
For larger groups, please inquire about rates.

If you are a  painter, photographer or sculpturer you may want to take advantage of our beautiful scenery and equine models during your retreat at Mountain Horse Farm. Go out by yourself and capture the perfect image or make it even more special by booking a session where you can get up close and personal with the horses. Do close ups, touch them to find out about bone structure and see them move in every gate.  

The rate for a session with our equine models is $50 for the 1st hour and $40 for each additional hour.

We will soon be offering painting classes at Mountain Horse Farm. Classes will run 3 or 4 hours and can be customized to your needs and experience.  There are many spots for plein air painting and for unique places to paint like the barn & tipis. Pricing will be available soon.

We invite art teachers and painting groups to contact us if they are looking for a spot to teach or get together to paint.  

We are partnering with Gell:  a writers retreat owned by Writers & Books, that is 5 minutes down the road from us.  Gell is a Finger Lakes Creative Retreat that provides a welcoming and inspiring setting for retreats & classes.    

Upcoming day programs at Gell will be posted soon. 

Make one of the classes at Gell part of your personal retreat at Mountain Horse Farm. We offer a 5% discount on your nightly rate if you attend one of the above mentioned classes at Gell.

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