About us
Suzanne & Rudi Vullers are the owners and founders of Mountain Horse Farm. They moved to the US from a small village in the South of the Netherlands which explains the charming accent.

Suzanne's love for horses began at an early age and has continued through her life. She is passionate about letting the horses live a life as natural as possible. Suzanne is certified through Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association).

Mountain Horse Farm is a Horse & Farm sanctuary and all our horses and cows have found their forever home, living a life as natural as possible:  having free choice to go in and out of the barn without ever being locked up, eating from the ground, natural hoof trimming with no shoes and living in a herd where they can form strong bonds and friendships as they would do in the wild. The horses and cows share this home  with our two German Shepherds Woody & Fisco.

At Mountain Horse Farm, we strive to create interactions between horses, cows & humans that are peaceful, healing, learning, relaxing, fun & playful for all parties.

We know that many of you love dogs just like we do, but we also understand that large breeds like Shepherds can be intimidating. That's why the dogs don't have access to any guest areas and they don't have free run of the property. They live with us in the Innkeepers quarters.

Mountain Horse Farm was named after Apache, our beautiful Mountain Horse. Apache died a few years ago but he lives on in our hearts and in the Farm that was named after him.
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Mountain Horse Farm
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