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Mountain Horse Farm is the perfect location for corporate retreats, gatherings, teambuilding sessions & leadership skills training. Unique opportunities for experiential learning & growing with horses.

A beautiful, natural & intimate setting, away from the office that will provide the space to gain awareness and a path to real change.

We have several unique inside & outside gathering spaces. A beautiful & elegant Lodge and Carriage House and traditional Sioux Indian tipis. You can come for the day or stay overnight in our luxurious rooms with fireplaces and private jacuzzis. Or try glamping in a traditional Sioux tipi!

Mountain Horse Farm is l ocated in the heart of the Finger Lakes wine country. Surrounded by the Bristol Hills with gorgeous views and 3 miles of groomed trails. The horses in our horse sanctuary are looking forward to meeting your party. Experiential learning with these sensitive and beautiful creatures is available as well as Spa treatments like massages, acupressure & sauna. We also offer the unique experience of Cow Cuddling at the farm. 

If you are staying with us for multiple nights we can help you make arrangments for a Guided Wine Tour.
Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures (zip lining and aerial adventures) is around the corner so you may consider adding that to the itinerary as well.
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Mountain Horse Farm offers unique opportunities for experiential learning & growing with horses. We are Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) certified.

​There is a saying that says, "horses don't lie" and that is true because horses communicate with their body language and it's impossible to lie with your body language.

Successful leaders that lead from the heart are authentic and their words and actions are in sync with their body language.  

Horses and people will follow a leader they feel they can trust, is authentic, focused and makes them feel safe. A leader must be able to communicate effectively and inspire his or her team, influence and move them and direct their hearts & minds towards a common goal.

Our powerful, effective sessions with the horses bring awareness about body language. As prey animals, in order to survive, horses had to become masters at reading body language and undercurrents in the space around them and when you enter their space they will read you subtly and with intent. Their actions and behavior are a reflection of what you are projecting in the space. This act of mirroring gives powerful instant feedback without judgement or ego.

Awareness is the first step in working towards change.  After becoming aware, the horses provide an opportunity to try different approaches that will generate instant, honest feedback in an emotionally safe setting.  We strongly believe that people have the ability to find their own solutions, given the opportunity to find them. These sessions are not about easy fixes or cookie-cutter solutions. The horses encourage us to find our own way, to dig deep and find a way that is uniquely ours.

Our teambuilding sessions are effective and fun. The horses give valuable insights in where the team is standing. Being away from the office lets team members see each other in a different light and having fun together promotes connection and trust. The sessions with the horses can focus on: working towards a common goal while valuing each members uniqueness and contribution, connecting with each other, practicing problem solving, positive risk taking and creative thinking, as well as collaboration, goal setting and defining success.

All this is done in a beautiful, natural setting, away from the office, that will provide the space to gain awareness and a path to real change.

Sessions are facilitated by a team of two professionals: an equine specialist and a licensed counselor.

​​The Horse Experience does not involve riding horses. All interactions with the horses are done on the ground and no prior experience with horses is required.
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