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Although we play with purpose in our wide-open space, we are serious about our environment’s effects on your team dynamics, collaboration and ability to not only get out of the box but breakdown the sides and blast out!

The all-in-one luxurious venue is rich in multiple learning locations including a carriage house, lodge, barn, indoor horse arena, tipis, fire pit and more! This setting, will engage every sense, illuminating all the power of innovation and creativity sure to prove beneficial for building stronger pathways to the future!
Here at Mountain Horse Farm we are equipped to provide you with a unique learning experience that takes corporate needs to the next level.  

Our talented facilitators have over 90 years combined experience in strategy development,  process design, supply chain management, behavioral management, customer service, team building and more, all customized to maximize the impact!
Whether its a re-boot, new start up, or just improving  an already exceptional team, we invite you to consider Mountain Horse Farm for your corporate training needs. The venue includes overnight accomodations and/or daily workshops,  we remain flexible to serve your team!

 4 Key reasons to move your meeting/workshop to an external location:

​​Productivity and lack of distractions ​​

When people attend offsite meetings, they're not distracted, and they're more fully engaged. Higher productivity and more focus during the meetings is priceless.
Face-to-face networking time. 

Despite all the technologies we have nowadays to have facetime, nothing will beat being in the same room. Especially when understanding each other is critical. Sitting in the same room together, you're able to pick up on non-verbal cues that can be easily missed over the phone or via video chat. Don't underestimate the hand gestures, facial expressions - especially by the members of the group who don't have the floor - and other nuances that allow members to better relate to one another.
​​Team Building / Developing personal relationships

During offsite meetings there will be time and space to get to know each other on a more personal level in a relaxed and natural environment. More specific team building exercises are also an offering from Mountain Horse Farm and can include interaction with our horses and cows. There's incredible value in working together in a different realm. For example, if your team building exercises include an interaction with the animals, the team has to capitalize on people's abilities in a totally different way. Such exercises allow team members to see each other in a different light and abilities emerge that may not be apparent in day-to-day budget meetings. When you're really utilizing peoples' talents, you find out different strengths and weakness than you do sitting at a desk. Plus, you're having a whole lot of fun doing it.
Encourage creativity

Taking meetings offsite is especially important to consider when you're making strategic decisions, providing employees with career-enhancing training, or want to promote brainstorming. We've all been in conference rooms where we've met time and time again. When this happens, people tend to take the same seat and stare out the same window. Similar to familial roles, co-workers can also cling to their place in the group. By moving your meeting to an offsite location, you lift some of these barriers that stifle creativity. Offsite venues also enable employees to break out of their office personality and relate to one another in different ways, which can generate meaningful, creative ideas.

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