Corporate Services
​​Understanding Team dynamics using DISC
Facilitator: Brenda Archer
​Duration: 4 hrs 

In this interactive workshop participants will identify the characteristics of a successful team and learn about DiSC, a personality assessment tool based on four dimensions that provides an understanding of different behavioral styles found within each of us. DiSC participants will achieve insight into their own and others’ behavioral style, and they will learn techniques that lead to better understanding of team dynamics in the work environment.   This course will include a interactive exercise that will test your knowledge of behavior with Horses! Yes Horses!
Brenda Archer
​​Brenda Archer​​​​
Brenda has a 30-year career in healthcare specializing in Processes and Patient Experience. ​​​​​
With her unique presentation skills and story telling she continues socializing the importance of ‘what matters most’ and the power in being present.  
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