Find Connection & Wellness
Conscious Touch & Movement with Horses
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 Find Connection and Wellness
Conscious Touch & Movement with Horses

with Paula Josa-Jones 

​​June 16 at 4:00p.m. through June 19 at 11:00a.m., 2020 
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For horse people AND for people that have no experience with horses

If you have horses in your life, this retreat clinic is for you! Whether you are a trail rider, competitive rider, work with your horses on the ground, do liberty work, volunteer at a rescue or therapeutic riding center .... for all of us, where it all starts .... is by having a true connection with our horses.

If you don't have horses in your life, you will find that horses are sentient beings that can help us connect, relax, let go of trauma and grief, make us smile, feel grounded and at peace. 
The world is not always an easy place to live in. Taking time for self-care in nature - connecting with soulful horses - may be just what you need right now.

What to expect

Horses express themselves with the bodily language of movement & touch. Horses live in herds and crave connection with each other. One way to connect is to move together in sync. Think about horses moving freely in a large field: changing directions, changing speed, being playful, happy, maybe kicking up their heels. They express their emotions through their bodies. 
People communicate with their bodies as well, but we may not be aware of it because we rely so much on verbal communication. Things like having a gut feeling or instantly liking someone, come to us through body language. When we are talking to someone we like, we will start mimicking their posture and gestures. Just like horses mimicking each other in the field. Moving together in sync makes us feel good and connected.
We also may find that when it truly matters in life:  when we fall in love, going through grief, being scared, being happy.....words are not enough to express what we truly feel... we need a hug, a high five, a look, we need touch.

A horse will respond to our bodily language because that's how they communicate. They don't use verbal language so they look to our bodies to find out about our emotional state, to see if we are a friend or enemy, to try to understand what we are asking from them, to see if they can initiate affection or play. So, the way a horse reacts to us, tells us something about ourselves. Humans can ask something with words or trained gestures while at the same time asking something different or even the complete opposite with their bodies. Let's say you have been taught the correct way to ask a horse for a canter, but you feel very afraid to do so. While you are asking your horse with the correct aids to canter, your body is signaling to the horse that you are very afraid and that it's not safe to go there. This very much confuses the horse. H orses are congruent; their outward behavior always matches their inner feeling and they have a hard time with our mixed messages. Horses deal with this in different ways, some may bolt and run off, some may shut down and some may simply ignore you. Think about the times when your horse performs perfectly for your trainer, but it doesn't go so well when you try. Most likely what's going on is that your trainer is congruent, not just asking with the correct aides but also with their bodies and mind. The horse recognizes that there are no mixed messages and it's safe to go along.

Our time together will not be about learning a certain training method or teaching horses. It will be about gaining awareness about our body language, about finding ways to use our bodies more fluently and in sync..... and by doing so becoming more trustworthy to ourselves, and the horses & people around us.

Our days will be spent moving between learning embodied touch & movement for our selves and carrying what we've learned to the horses. Not to mention indulging yourself in the comfort that the farm offers! Mountain Horse Farm is a horse & farm sanctuary and a wellness retreat. You will be staying at the farm in a well-appointed room. The retreat includes 3 overnight stays, all meals starting with dinner on the first evening and ending with breakfast on the last morning. It also includes snacks & non-alcoholic drinks during our time together.  

Paula Josa-Jones  will guide us through simple movements to create ease and flow in the body. We will gather in one of our traditional tipis. They are simply amazing to be in, and just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. We will have comfy blankets, pillows and mats available.

We will connect with the horses while they are at liberty - free to move around - and we will do this in an intuitive and improvisational way using touch & movement.  

You will be working with our herd of horses. A well-established herd of 6, all different breeds & sizes who live a life as natural as possible with lots of freedom & choices. Bringing your own horses is not possible.

We welcome 6-8 participants.

What we will experience and understand:
  • How to use movement and touch to create congruence between what we are feeling inside and what we are expressing outwardly.
  • Deepening connection, awareness and attunement with yourself and the horse.
  • Simple movements to create ease and flow in your body and that of the horse.
  • Letting go of habits of body and mind that may create unnecessary tension in you or the horse.
  • Becoming more trustworthy to yourself and the horse.
  • How to feel both giving and receiving with your hands and body.
  • Noticing when our movement and touch is transmitting inadvertent or unintentional tension.
  • Specific strategies for settling the nervous system when activated.
  • How to integrate mindful touch and mindful movement into your day-to-day activities (with horses).

​​​Mountain Horse Farm is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, famous for its wineries and breweries, gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. You may want to consider adding a few days to your trip to explore the area. 
People in a field connecting with horses
  1. Our Horses, Ourselves - The Book
    An Uncommon book for all those seeking Connection with others
  2. Conscious Touch & Movement with Horses
    Conscious Touch & Conscious Movement focus on developing our ability to use mindful, embodied touch as a way of deepening our connection with our horses. Conscious Touch & Conscious Movement support ease and balance in the bodies of both horse and human, helping us become more aware of what we are signaling with our bodies (and minds), and more open to what the horse is offering.
profile picture Paula
​​ Paula Josa-Jones is a choreographer, dancer and movement artist who brings an improvisational perspective to all of her work.
She is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CMA), and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSMET) accredited by ISMETA.
She is a Guild-certified Tellington TTEAM practitioner and a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, trained in the trauma recovery work of Dr. Peter Levine.
Her writings on movement and dance have been published, and she writes a blog called RideDanceWrite. Her book, Our Horses, Ourselves: Discovering the Common Body was published in 2017. As the creator of Embodied Equine Experiencing™ she teaches an intuitive, improvisational approach to the human-horse bond with movement and touch.

Paula presented at Equine Affaire in November 2018 &2019.


Sign up by yourself and stay in a room by yourself with a private bathroom - all-inclusive rate: $1,350+tax
Sign up with 2 or more people that share a room: each of you will receive a $200 discount. 
Our rooms either have 1 king bed, 1 queen bed or 2 queen beds.
Please let us know about your preferences. 

​If you are signing up with 2 or more people that share a room, please all sign up online individually, and mention that you would like to share a room. We will apply the discount after we receive your online booking.​

We may have a few spots available for people that live locally and don't wish to include overnight accommodations. Please call Suzanne at 585-374-5056 or email at [email protected] for availability and details.

Waiver: You will be required to sign a waiver.

​Deposit & final payment:
To hold your spot, we will ask for payment of a deposit of $550.00 per person. The balance is due two months  before the clinic.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations that are made at least 2 months in advance will receive a full refund minus a $100.00 cancellation fee. Regretfully we can not give refunds past the cancellation deadline. The only exception we can make is that we will refund 80% of your deposit in case we can rebook your spot with another participant.

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