Forest therapy or Shinrin-Yoku is a guided walk through the woods that brings a sense of deep well-being that comes from being outdoors immersed in nature.  You can expect a fun, relaxing stroll of less than one mile on a well-maintained trail. The walk includes a series of guided invitations designed to engage with the forest.

Health benefits are said to include: reduced stress, enhanced immune response, improved and stabilized moods, sharper cognition, increased creativity and sense of belonging. That’s right,  time in Nature makes you happier, healthier, and smarter!  

Whether you are in Nature all the time or are reluctant to walk in the wild alone, on a Shinrin-Yoku Forest  walk you will be skillfully guided into a gentle, enjoyable, full sensory experience of our natural world.  Your mind can rest as you sink into invitations that engage your senses...taking in the images, sounds, aromas, breath, touch and wisdom of the forest.  Insights received are often profound.  Walks are concluded with a tea ceremony of wild, forest plants.

You may wonder why you need a guide.  Robert and Laura described it this way:

Because I don't do it by myself.  And even if I do go for a walk in the woods, I usually let my mind spin and the guide's well-timed prompts to tune into specific senses kept me returning to the peace and guidance available in the moment.  -Laura

I believe that sharing a relationship with the guide on the walk heightened my awareness of, and my relationship to, what was around me in a way that was more tangible than what I would have experienced on my own.  To be frank, I was quite surprised at how exhilarating and profoundly peaceful it was to let myself indulge in this little journey together.   - Robert
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