Just Juice Detox Retreat
Juice detox retreat
juice in a jar
fruit & veggies
meditation and bodywork

Just Juice Detox Retreat

Juices - Yoga - Bodywork - Horses 

January 25 at 3:00p.m through January 27 at 1:00p.m, 2019
March 29 at 3:00p.m. through March 31 at 1:00p.m, 2019  
horses & cows in a gorgeous setting
healthy juices
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“My mother and I did a 3 day renew juice cleanse. The juices were so delicious and filling that wanting to eat wasn’t an issue whatsoever. I lost 20 pounds alone from the cleanse and have lost another 20 since. It really helped kick start me to eating healthier and breaking sugar addictions. I highly recommend one of these cleanses and I’ve already planned my next. Thank you Damaris you are awesome!”

“These ladies are doing it right! all of the juices are phenomenal. I love that they offer wheatgrass shots! Drink to your health, Cheers!”

A juice fast is an effective and highly beneficial way to cleanse, rehydrate, alkalize, and rebuild the body. Taking a break from solid food and fueling with fresh organic raw, nutrient-rich juices is a great way to reset and nourish the body. Juice fasting allows the body to rest from digesting and uses that energy to clear out old accumulated waste and toxins. It also allows a break from refined sugars, processed starches, animal products, cooked foods, and/or stimulants. This is what makes a huge difference for most. Many people also note an increase in consciousness and spirituality. This leads to enhanced mental clarity, inner peace, and increased energy! People loose weight, they feel lighter, cleaner, sharper, & best of all, can use this break as a springboard into a healthier lifestyle. 

Join us at Mountain Horse Farm for an amazing experience across 3 days. You will feel supported, nourished (both physically and emotionally), and guided through your cleanse. We are excited to offer fresh organic juices daily, educational talks, movement workshops, yoga, sauna, journaling, bodywork, time with the horses and so much more. 

The retreat while mindfully planned will include plenty of time for quiet self-care time.  You have our respect for your individual needs and the power of being still and alone.

We delight in hosting your retreat and look forward to meeting you right where you are! Together we will feed our minds, bodies and souls, manifesting the best of intentions…
Mountain Horse Farm
Where Relaxation comes Naturally