Corporate Services
Facilitator: Ruud Vullers 
Duration: variable

•8 Wastes (DOWNTIME)
•Process Mapping
•Gemba and Morning Market
•6S and Visual Management
•Poka-Yoke (error proofing)
•Kaizen (continuous improvement) and Standardization.
•14 step workshop
•Single piece flow (airplane simulation)
•Set-up time reduction
•Standard Work
•TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

7 Basic Quality Tools:
        •Pareto chart
        •Run chart
        •Check sheet
        •Process flow diagram
        •Cause & Effect diagram
        •Scatter plot

•FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
•SPC (Statistical Process Control)
•Process Capability
•Decision Model
•MSA (Measurement System Analysis)
•Critical Parameter Management (KPC/KCC)
•DMAIC and all associated tools
•Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Training

Ruud Vullers
​​Ruud Vullers​​​​​​
Ruud has 28 years of experience in International Supply Chain & Operations Management. Working in executive roles both for large OEM's as well as family owned businesses.​​ He is passionate about transforming businesses through lean six sigma methods. Ruud holds a Master's & Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. 
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