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 Getaway Retreat and Immersion Clinics
Going to zero with Sharon Wilsie
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Sharon Wilsie Horse Speak clinics
Sharon Wilsie - Getaway Retreat and Immersion Clinics
Conversations with horses in their language

June 3 at 4:00p.m. through June 7 at 11:00a.m., 2019 
September 9 at 4:00p.m. through September 13 at 11:00a.m.2019 
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evening bonfires
all-inclusive clinic at beautiful location
Sharon Wilsie , bestselling author of the books  "Horse Speak"  and "Horses in Translation" will return for two clinics. Her 2018 clinics were a huge success and we are very excited to have her back at Mountain Horse Farm.

Get to know Sharon and immerse yourself in Horse Speak skills in an intimate, relaxed setting
Both 2019 clinics are all-inclusive clinics, including, of course, the clinic itself but also all meals, snacks & drinks, accommodations and an evening program. Sharon will stay at Mountain Horse Farm, just like you, creating this wonderful opportunity to get to know her better and spend quality time during meals and bonfires. ​ 
Sharon is a storyteller, with a gift for telling the right story at the right time in a way that is very captivating. That's why we have included lectures by Sharon in the evenings after dinner. 
Both clinics include 4 overnight stays, 3 full days of training and a 30 minutes private session with Sharon for each participant. The delicious meals start with dinner on the first evening and end with breakfast on the last morning.

Although we recommend you take advantage of the full experience and stay with us during the clinic, we do have a few spots available for people that live locally and want to participate without staying with us. 

Sharon's books are wonderful and a must read but you can only learn so much from a book. There is tremendous value in seeing her in real life, explaining horse speak, demonstrating how it works and teaching you in person.

Horses communicate with each other using body language. This is very different from humans who rely mainly on verbal language. Just realizing that the different movements, expressions and touches our horses make, are not just random but a language, is an eye-opener. Sharon has observed horses for a long time and decoded their language, giving us this amazing opportunity to better understand and communicate with them. 

Horse Speak, is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Horse Speak can be used by anyone who works with horses, whether riding instructor, colt starter, recreational rider, or avid competitor. Horse Speak promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you and provides simple replies you can use to tell him that you “hear” him, you “get it,” and you have ideas you want to share with him, too. 

The clinics will include topics like :
  • How to say Hello to your Horse
  • Boundaries & Bonding
  • The 13 buttons of Horse Speak
  • How to  Lead with your Feet
  • ​Breath Messages
​You will work with our herd of horses. It is not an option to bring your own. This clinic does not involve riding horses, but it will touch on topics that can be very helpful with riding, like balancing your body and explaining how different ways of holding your reins influences your horse. 

For sleeping, you have your choice of elegant rooms with fireplaces and outdoor hot tubs, to glamping in tipis (yes, tipis!) – your choice. The maximum number of participants is kept low at 10 and we don't accept auditors. You will be required to sign waivers.​​ Make sure you wear shoes with closed toes (no flipflops, slippers or sandals) and it's always a good idea to dress in layers. ​

Mountain Horse Farm is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, famous for its wineries and breweries, gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. You may want to consider adding a few days to your trip to explore the area. 

Sharon is very popular in Germany and the Netherlands. Mountain Horse Farm's owners Suzanne and Rudi were born in the Netherlands and are fluent in Dutch, German and English. If you live overseas and want to participate in one of Sharon's clinics, we are a wonderful choice. All you need to add is a plane ticket. The rest is already included. If your English is not perfect we can help with translation, so you don't miss out on anything Sharon teaches.  
What previous participants are saying:
" Wonderful clinic!!!!!!!!!!"

"What an amazing time we had!"

"Loved it that Sharon stayed at the farm as well. Got to spend so much more time with her this way. What an interesting and fun women she is!"

"Learned so much!"
Read this amazing   interview with Sharon Wilsie.
Sharon talks about the difference between a "trained skill" and an "authentic response", the importance of Body language when communicating with horses and Living from the Heart​​​​.
Horse Speak the book
About Sharon: 
profile picture Sharon
​​Sharon Wilsie has enjoyed a professional career as a horse trainer/rehabilitation specialist, intercollegiate coach, and riding instructor. Her grandfather owned and raced Standardbreds, and her love for horses has been life-long.  She has developed and implemented several programs over the last decade, including; volunteer training groups for horse rescues and therapeutic riding centers, Equine Assisted Learning course at Landmark College, as well as hundreds of workshops, seminars and engagements in a variety of topics about Equine Facilitated Therapies, alternative training and rehabilitation methods for difficult horses and horses with PTSD. She worked with students from all ages, and from a wide range of needs such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Kindle Farm School, the Brattleboro Retreat, HCRS, and Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center. Sharon's passion has always been to create a two - way street of mutual healing, awareness and betterment for both horses and people. 

Price: $1,175 + costs for your room or tipi. The cost for your room or tipi will be added to the $1,175. Our rooms have different amenities and therefore different rates. Choose the one that suits you best. Sign up with a friend and share a room to save on room costs. The best room to share is the Morgan suite (2 queen beds) and the best tipi to share is the Nokota tipi (2 queen beds).  
We have a few spots available for people that live locally and don't wish to include overnight accommodations. Please call Suzanne at 585-374-5056 or email at [email protected] for availability and details.

Deposit & final payment: To hold your spot, we will ask for payment of a deposit of $550.00. The balance is due two months  before the clinic.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations that are made at least 2 months in advance will receive a full refund minus a $100.00 cancellation fee. Regretfully we can not give refunds past the cancellation deadline. The only exception we can make is that we will refund 80% of your deposit in case we can rebook your spot with another participant.

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