Corporate Services
​​Strategy Development 
Facilitator: Ruud Vullers
​Duration: Full day or 2-Day

We can facilitate your strategy development workshops by guiding you and your teams through a set of questions that will need to be answered and applying a number of different techniques that will help you to accurately define and develop the strategic direction of your company / department.

This is an interactive workshop designed to give you the tools to grow your business. What is a growth mindset and how do we harness it to elevate our business? We will explore the most common barriers to growth and develop strategies to knock those barriers down and have meaningful conversations related to strategic planning. You will leave empowered to return to your business armed with skills that will differentiate you in a competitive landscape and send your plan forward.​​
Ruud Vullers
​​Ruud Vullers​​​​​​
Ruud has 28 years of experience in International Supply Chain & Operations Management. Working in executive roles both for large OEM's as well as family owned businesses.​​ He is passionate about transforming businesses through lean six sigma methods. Ruud holds a Master's & Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. 
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