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Our teambuilding events are effective, fun and fully customizable. As with most experiences ‘location matters’! Mountain Horse Farm not only encourages creativity it epitomizes it with an extremely unique setting nestled in 33 acres with room to explore and spaces to build camaraderie outside the conventional ‘conference / meeting room’. Our ‘rooms’ are barns, indoor arenas, tipis, a lodge, an exquisite carriage house and so much more…and it’s not only the space that makes us special, it is our four-legged facilitators, our horses, which will breathe life and learning into your experience. Has your team ever interacted in nature and with horses? As with all opportunities at Mountain Horse Farm, the choice of including the horses is yours, but we would highly encourage you to bring this to your team’s experience. Unlike us humans, the horses will provide valuable insight without hesitation, something already very unique…Being away from the office, in a natural beautiful setting, lets team members see each other in a different light and having fun together promotes connection and trust,

How can horses help?
Successful people live and lead from the heart, are authentic and their words and actions are in sync with their body language.  And that's where the horses are at their best. They are masters at reading body language. As prey animals in the wild, their survival depended on it.  When you enter their space they will read you subtly and with intent. Their actions and behavior are a reflection of what you are projecting in the space. This act of mirroring gives powerful instant feedback without judgement or ego.
Read Sam Walker's story for the 
Wall Street Journal  about a teambuilding session with horses for students of the Wharton School of Business. 
The time with the horses does not involve riding horses. All interactions are done on the ground and no prior experience with horses is required. We are Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) certified.

Half Day, Full Day or Multiple Day events available.


Suzanne Vullers
​​Suzanne  Vullers​​​​
Suzanne is a ife long horse lover. She is passionate about letting horses live a life as natural as possible. ​​​​​
Suzanne is EAGALA certified and offers horse experience sessions with her horses for personal growth & learning.​​
Tina Albright-Menna
​​Tina Albright-Menna​​​​
Tina Albright-Menna MS, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who believes in the power of a therapeutic alliance where respect, trust, and empathy provide the environment and opportunity for learning & growing.​​​​
Brenda Archer
​​Brenda Archer​​​​
Brenda has a 30-year career in healthcare specializing in Processes and Patient Experience. ​​​​​
With her unique presentation skills and story telling she continues socializing the importance of ‘what matters most’ and the power in being present.  
Our all-in-one luxurious venue is rich in multiple learning locations including a carriage house, lodge, barn, indoor horse arena, tipis, fire pit and more! This setting, will engage every sense, illuminating all the power of innovation and creativity sure to prove beneficial for building stronger pathways to the future!
Here at Mountain Horse Farm we are equipped to provide you with a unique learning experience that takes corporate needs to the next level.  

​Contact us today for more information or to schedule a site visit and explore the opportunities! 

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