The Horse & Cow Experience

The Horse & Cow Experience at Mountain Horse Farm gives you the unique opportunity to spend time with our herd of horses and cows. The horse experience does not involve riding horses. All interactions are done on the ground and no prior experience is necessary. 

Why would you want to do this? Because it can bring relaxation, healing, awareness about your body language, comfort, Mindfulness, build assertiveness, help with overcoming fear, build confidence, lets you be playful and teaches you to set boundaries.  It can help you work through obstacles in your life and it can be helpful if you feel stuck and you are looking for a new way.  The horse & cow experience is experiential and it lets you find your own solutions. 

How can horses & cows help with this? Horses and cows are sensitive, intuitive animals that communicate with each other using body language. In order to survive in the wild they had to become masters at reading body language. And when you enter their space, they will read you subtly but with intent, just like they would read any other herd member. They will pick up on what's going on inside and sense if you are happy, sad, feel lost, anxious or are excited and they will respond to that without judgement, ego or agenda.

Spending time with them in this way can comfort you when you are sad or go through grief, just by sharing their space and feeling their soft skin. It can give you clues about your own body language which will give answers to questions you may have about why people respond to you in certain ways. Interacting with them in this way commands your attention. Horses and cows are large animals and they are moving around freely so you automatically pay attention and be right in the moment. This type of focus is good for the soul and it's the perfect exercise in Mindfulness.

Horses & cows naturally prefer a state of calm and if they get upset, they try to go back to this state of calmness as soon as possible. They don't hold on to grudges or things that happened in the past. They literally shake or run it off and then go back to quietly grazing or spending time together. Just by watching this unfold, we can learn. See how easily they let go of things and try to copy that in your own life.  ​ Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher than humans and their heart rate is lower than ours. Cuddling up with a cow, feeling that lower heart rate and higher body temperature, is very relaxing.

Spending time in a quiet place in nature with sensitive & graceful animals, creates room for your thoughts and feelings to naturally process. We need quiet time to make that happen.

What will you do with the horses & cows? It's all up to you & the animals. Do what feels natural to you. You may want to pet them, spend time, share space, brush them, touch their skin, play with them, move together, go through an obstacle course or simply watch them. They may nuzzle your hair, lick your hand, nicker at you, just hang out with you or initiate play. 

Who can you do this with? You can do this by yourself, as a couple, as mother & daughter, or with a small group of friends (maximum of 4 per session). You will set a focus for your session and work on that. That focus is entirely up to you: it can be something you are going through in your life, Mindfulness, having quiet time or be as simple as wishing to spend time in this very unique way. A special note on couples or other groups: spending quality time together, without distractions, having fun, doing something new and unique may help strengthening your bond. It can also help with learning how to work as a team and be a way to reconnect.   ​​
​​​​​What to expect during sessions​​

We like you to start your time with the horses & cows with a quiet, open mind and that's why we spend the first 15 minutes of your session, at our beautiful "Gathering Tipi". You will be invited to do a few breathing exercises and we will play the "cup game". This game is not just a lot of fun but it will surely take you out of your head and into your body.

And then it's time to meet the animals. Depending on the goals you set for the session, we will invite you to do various activities. During your time with the herd, please turn off your cell phone. Just because, using your phone, even if it's only to take pictures, is a distraction and takes you away from the experience. But don't worry, there will be time at the end to take pictures.

​At the end of the session, after you said goodbye to the horses & cows, we go back to the "Gathering Tipi". This is a good moment to reflect on the experience and share your thoughts, should you like to do so. An inspirational journal & your breathing beads, are ready for you to take home.

Sessions are facilitated by a team of two professionals: an equine specialist and a licensed counselor. Mountain Horse Farm is certified through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association)​​. During sessions, this team of professionals  reflects back to you what the horses & cows are expressing and they hold the space for you, creating an emotional safe environment, where you can learn, heal and grow.

To participate in The Horse & Cow Experience you will be required to sign a waiver. Make sure you wear shoes with closed toes (no flipflops, slippers or sandals) and it's always a good idea to dress in layers. 
​​PRICING for the Horse & Cow Experience:

90 minutes session for up to 2 people: $300
90 minutes session for up to 4 people: $395

If you just want to spend time with our cows, without booking a full horse & cow experience, consider booking a Cow Cuddling session. You can expect to spend time with our pet cows: brushing, petting, sharing space  or snuggling up to the cows while they are lying down. It's a fun and very relaxing experience.  This activity can also include our miniature horses.

60 minutes session for up to 2 people: $75
60 minutes session for up to 4 people: $125

If you just want to spend time with our miniature horses, without booking a full horse & cow experience, consider booking a Meet the Minis session. You can expect to spend time with our minis: brushing, petting, sharing space  or playing. It's a fun and very relaxing experience.  This activity can also include our pet cows.

60 minutes session for up to 2 people: $75
60 minutes session for up to 4 people: $125

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Facilitators for the horse & cow experience: 
​​Tina Albright-Menna MS, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with education and experience providing individual and group psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy, Community Integration Counseling, and Addictions Counseling. She believes in the power of a therapeutic alliance where respect, trust, and empathy provide the environment and opportunity for healing.​​
​​Suzanne Vullers is a life long horse lover. She is passionate about letting horses live a life as natural as possible. Suzanne is EAGALA certified and offers horse experience sessions with her horses for personal growth, healing, learning, wellness and relaxation.​​

​​The horses & cows  in our Horse sanctuary & Farm sanctuary all found their forever home. We are passionate about letting them live a life as natural as possible:  having free choice to go in and out of the barn without ever being locked up, eating from the ground, natural hoof trimming with no shoes and living in a herd where they can form strong bonds and friendships as they would do in the wild. Our cows are a cross-breed. The mommies of our two cows are Scottish Highlanders.  Our cows are a small breed without horns, with a long shaggy coat and a very friendly character.   
Cricket is our grand old lady. She is well in her twenties but looks much younger. She is firmly in charge of the herd and very communicative. Always nickering or whinnying. She is smart, strong, independent and a sassy redhead. Before she came to us she didn't always have it easy in life and she has some scars on her face to show for it. Now she is living the good life and enjoys every minute of it.
Noa is our sweet little girl. The youngest horse we have at the farm with the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on a horse. Noa had a rough start in life because she was almost starved to death as a baby. She was taken in by the animal rescue organization Lollypop Farm and we adopted her from there. Because of the malnutrition in her first year her growth has been stunted and the muscles in her hindlegs didn't develop properly. It's not bothering her but she can't be ridden which made her a difficult horse to be adopted out. But since we don't ride our horses she was a perfect match for us. She is a sweet, in your pocket kind of horse, persistent, curious, playful and she gets along with everybody. 
Jaxon is our gentle giant. A 17.5 hands and almost 1800 pounds Belgian Draft. We know a lot about his background and it seems like he always had a good home. He is our big boy, sweet, goofy, strong, clumsy and happy. He is the only male horse we have and he is protective of his ladies. He gets along with all other horses and especially likes the minis. 
Suzie Q on the left and Missy on the right 
Suzie Q and Missy
Suzie Q and Missy are our adorable minis.  We adopted both of them from Begin Again Horse Rescue. Suzie Q was used for breeding all her life, which is not easy on a horse, and when she was too old for that she was discarded as useless. We are very thankful that Begin Again Horse Rescue took her in so we could adopt her from there. Missy has a  similar story. She ended up in dire straits after her owner died. The two girls are BFF's and do not like to be separated from each other. Missy is our pasture greeter, always coming to the fence to say Hi, very social and sweet but also playful and frisky. Suzie Q is the more serious one, she is also a bit on the bossy side but very appreciative of the life she is leading right now.  
Bonnie is our sweet baby cow. At just 11 months old she is still very playful. She is curious and brave and likes to be friends with everyone. She loves to be petted and brushed. Most cows are kept for meat or milk but our Bonnie is a pet who can life a long and happy life at the farm.
Bella is a sweet 2 year old. She is very curious and loves to be petted & brushed. Eating is one of her greatest joys. She is not related to Bonnie but she "adopted" the little one and treats her like her own. Most cows are kept for meat or milk but our Bella is a pet who can life a long and happy life at the farm.
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