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Our experienced, qualified facilitators ensure that all training offers informational and interactive experiential components including work with animals aimed at solidifying and deepening participants’ insight into the concepts covered. This, along with the stunning natural surroundings and the elegant, comfortable venue of Mountain Horse Farm, sets us apart from the others. The parallels and metaphors to everyday experiences accessible through animal assisted work serve to provide a deeper understanding of important concepts presented in our trainings. Among others, these concepts may include authenticity, respect, communication styles (verbal and non-verbal), congruency of internal experience and actions, awareness of personal space and respectful interpersonal interaction.  

​​Inclusion, Equity, Diversity and Unconscious Bias
Facilitators: Nikki Haynesworth, LMHC, RYT 200 and Tina Albright-Menna MS, LMHC 
Duration: Half day or Full day

This interactive, intense group or team workshop includes informational, experiential and exploration with animals sessions.   

Informational sessions: 
Terms to Know: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Implicit (Unconscious) Bias, Privilege, Power, Microaggressions, etc.
Privilege without Shame
Equality vs Equity
Methods for Moving Forward: build self-awareness; develop humility; intent vs impact

  Experiential Sessions:
Interactive group exercises/activities illustrating main training/workshop concept(s).
Harvard Unconscious Bias Test

  Exploring with animals
Group interactive experience with horses and/or cows

Tina Albright-Menna
​​Tina Albright-Menna​​​​
Tina Albright-Menna MS, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who believes in the power of a therapeutic alliance where respect, trust, and empathy provide the environment and opportunity for learning & growing.​​​​
Nikki Haynesworth
​​Nikki Haynesworth, LMHC, RYT 200

Nikki is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has worked in non-profits as both a crisis worker and counselor for the past 10 years. 
Nikki's love for the connection between systemness and relationship building has
influenced her career path and ongoing  development. Recently, she worked with non-profit leaders in Rochester to discover and implement concepts of diversity and increase equity in work spaces. 
What do you know about you? Implicit Bias, Inclusion and Diversity
acilitator: Shareefah Sabur, MA, MNO, CDP, GPCC, BCC
Duration: Half Day, Full Day or 2-Day Immersion Retreat

This interactive and highly experiential, facilitated workshop is aimed at increasing self-awareness, sensitivity to the perspectives of others and skills to adjust automatic patterns of perceiving and responding.  We hear the words - "Implicit bias", "diversity" "inclusion" - what do they do they relate to you...and most importantly - how do you operate outside of your own awareness in ways that are limiting your effectiveness and ability to relate to others?  In the organizational context, implicit bias is often structurally embedded within the culture.  With your new found awareness, you can identify and address the unconscious biases that stifle creativity and limit the diversity of your workforce and the inclusiveness of your organization's culture.

Typically for leadership teams and in-tact work teams, this topic can also be conducted for "public enrollment". The animal assisted work will be in the areas of learning to "be with," transparency and communicating clearly.

Nikki Haynesworth
​​Shareefah Sabur, MA, MNO, CDP, GPCC, BCC

Shareefah is a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Diversity Professional who provides services through her small consulting practice, which also includes strategic planning, board development, team functioning, diversity and inclusion cognizance, and quality improvement.
Shareefah has demonstrated leadership at the state, national, and international levels. Over a period of eight years, she worked as a loaned executive in the startup of a multinational organization in Uganda. She also worked in Zambia, Rwanda, and South Africa providing training, board development, and strategic planning to support the delivery of palliative care during the AIDS pandemic.
She currently serves as secretary and associate archivist for the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, and is a board member for the Association of Coach Training Organization . Executive Director of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland since 2016, and co-chair of the Coach Certification Program since 2018, she has 25 years of previous experience in various roles in health care and education which include quality improvement, research, leadership development, and strategic planning. She has held adjunct teaching roles at Cleveland State University and Kent State University.
Education includes: BA Psychology, MA Psychology, and MNO Master's in Nonprofit Organizations

Understanding Our Whiteness in a Colorful World
Facilitator: Elizabeth Welch, MA, CDP, GPCC
​Duration: Half Day, Full Day or 2-Day Immersion Retreat

This interactive, intense group or team workshop is aimed at building awareness, skills and capacity about how our cultural identity sets us up to experience the world - and be experienced by it. As the USA is becoming more diverse, those of us who are white are encountering more and more opportunities to feel the impact of our own racial identity. 
What are the benefits and what are the drawbacks of heightened racial awareness? What is the racial conversation you can have as a well-intentioned white person? How do you understand and navigate a world where as a white person, you may be seen as unaware, uninformed, oppressive or even racist... especially when that is not your intention? 

Typically for leadership teams and in-tact work teams, this topic can also be conducted for "public enrollment".  The hallmarks of this workshop are frank conversation in a supportive environment, real examples, and skill building about what to say, (or not,) and how to say it. Animal assisted work can be a part of this workshop. We will work with you to create a meaningful program that relates to the content in the workshops.
Nikki Haynesworth
​​Elizabeth Welch, MA, CDP, GPCC

Elizabeth (Beth) is a certified coach, organizational development consultant, and diversity management professional in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in Polarity Thinking, individual and team learning, and cultural influences on relationships. As faculty at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, she co-chairs the Gestalt Training Program in adult personal and professional development. Throughout her work, Elizabeth employs a Gestalt approach with its value of dialogue and multiple perspectives to support client capacity expansion. Elizabeth pays special attention to language and metaphor in her work in inclusive culture building. Her coaching practice includes adults and groups in personal, academic, and professional transition. Her consulting practice specializes in cultural work with independent colleges and universities, in addition to guiding Diversity Councils of municipal, corporate and health care organizations. She has been a visiting lecturer on diversity and inclusion at the University of Akron, Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, and The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine.
Education includes: BA English Literature, MA English Literature, MA Psychology in Diversity Management

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