Wellness Retreats
Conscious Touch & Movement with horses

For horse people AND for people that have no experience with horses

If you have horses in your life, this retreat clinic is for you! Whether you are a trail rider, competitive rider, work with your horses on the ground, do liberty work, volunteer at a rescue or therapeutic riding center .... for all of us, where it all starts .... is by having a true connection with our horses.

If you don't have horses in your life, you will find that horses are sentient beings that can help us connect, relax, let go of trauma and grief, make us smile, feel grounded and at peace. 
The world is not always an easy place to live in. Taking time for self-care in nature - connecting with soulful horses - may be just what you need right now.

Our days will be spent moving between learning embodied touch & movement for our selves and carrying what we've learned to the horses. Not to mention indulging yourself in the comfort that the farm offers! Mountain Horse Farm is a horse & farm sanctuary and a wellness retreat. You will be staying at the farm in a well-appointed room. The retreat includes 3 overnight stays, all meals starting with dinner on the first evening and ending with breakfast on the last morning. It also includes snacks & non-alcoholic drinks during our time together.  

Paula Josa-Jones will guide us through simple movements to create ease and flow in the body. We will gather in one of our traditional tipis. They are simply amazing to be in, and just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. We will have comfy blankets, pillows and mats available.

We will connect with the horses while they are at liberty - free to move around - and we will do this in an intuitive and improvisational way using touch & movement.  

Conscious Touch & Movement with horses

Imagine this..... taking time for yourself in a beautiful place in nature - quietness, silence, room for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and spending time with inspirational animals.​​

Self-care.... room to breathe .....  choices to make this time for yourself uniquely yours. ​

​Your retreat includes: 2 nights in one of our comfortable rooms, exclusive use of a tipi, time with the horses & cows, an inspirational journal and a book on Mindfulness. You can add a massage or sauna session.

Food - Forest - Animals - Health!

Interested in learning easy, delectable ways to put more plant-food on your plate?
Looking for simple, practical approaches to jump start happier, healthier living?
Ever feel that nature holds answers to much of our modern dis-ease? 
Come together with others who want to break some life-long habits and make a few small changes that can have a profound and lasting life-impact.  Free and almost-free, evidence-based, natural options abound!
You will be supported, challenged, respected and stretched to get in touch with what works for you and move into designing your healthier life.​​

Mountain Horse Farm
Where Relaxation comes Naturally