Women Living Beyond cancer

 A Wellness and Self-care Retreat in Nature with intuitive Horses 
 Space  to connect to yourself,  at any stage of your cancer journey

Women Living Beyond Cancer

A Wellness and Self-care Retreat in Nature with intuitive Horses 
 Space  to connect to yourself,  at any stage of your cancer journey

​​June 18 at 4:00p.m. through June 21 at noon, 2019 
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As I reflect on my cancer treatments, I found it important to ensure that my family and friends knew I was alright (whether I truly was or not).  Although I was immersed in loving kindness in so many magical ways, my quiet hope was to not worry anyone while I was healing…so I put on a brave face and I move forward…some days doing better than others but always trying to keep my loved ones safe from this disease                                                              Brenda Archer

One of the greatest gifts is ‘relating’ and knowing someone truly does understand and has been where you’ve been, you will be supported, cared for, heard and seen at this retreat…

We are more than Women Living Beyond Cancer, we are wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and best friends and in that myriad of roles our focus is ensuring the comfort and well-being of those in our lives, finding it hard at times, to simply exhale and let go of the responsibilities we love so much and find a space for sweet release.

If this feels familiar and you know the clarity a cancer diagnosis brings, please join us on this retreat as we explore a love story that unfolds amidst any stage of your cancer journey. This retreat is custom designed to turn the compass back over to you and let you navigate your way through three days of experiences which are sure to realign and settle you. Find relaxation, reconnect with your heart & soul and spend time in nature with inspiring animals. Be still and present and find quiet time to naturally process your thoughts and feelings.

Nature and animals contribute to our well-being. Step into our world and let it capture your heart. It will remain with you long after it resides in your rear-view mirror…The land and all its grace, captures the senses and has the power to transform our thought patterns. Mountain Horse Farm has been thoughtfully crafted to create a space for you to replenish, restore balance and experience nature, all with its foundation in the intuitive love of the animals. 

While the skilled facilitators will orchestrate the sessions, the animals are really your host and greatest teachers, we look forward to sharing their friendship with you.

As you make the decision today to create a space for ‘you’ please be assured this will be an uplifting thoughtful place to come together with other women who have experienced a cancer diagnosis and are living beyond it today.

What a special time we have planned! Please, join us...
  • Horses & Cows: Spend time with our intuitive & sensitive horses and cows. Be with them in a unique way, which does not involve riding. Connect and experience the power of being present and the reward of release. They are our greatest teaches and companions, they soothe the soul and replenish the spirit.  
  • Replenish/Massage: The benefits of massage therapy are extensive. Not only from a purely physical perspective, but the psychological and spiritual advantages are proven numerous. Massage often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection, giving you a beautiful foundation in which to receive all this retreat is ready to offer. Our signature acupressure massage with essential oils is included with your retreat.
  • Nature: Where relaxation comes naturally…with the forest as our guide, we will sink into the support of the natural world and receive guidance on the questions we hold by exploring the directions of East, West, North and South and receiving the advice of one of our greatest forces.
  • Balance: We will craft a picture of where we are today and day dream about our tomorrow, to visually balance our intentions while letting go of outcomes…being present to experience the flow of what arises and truly knowing that regardless, we are enough as we are today.
  • Presentation/Podcast/Workshop:  On our first evening together, Brenda will share the story of her cancer journey and how it led to the creation of - Inside Out "Living Beyond the Surface" and, on one of the other evenings, we will invite you to listen to a podcast, followed by time to talk and reflect. 
    'Just Juice 4 Life' will share their knowledge of juicing and raw foods, and of course, each of us will get to taste one of their delicious juices or smoothies. 

The retreat while mindfully planned will include plenty of time for quiet self-care time.  You have our respect for your individual needs and the power of being still and alone.

We delight in hosting your retreat and look forward to meeting you right where you are! Together we will feed our minds, bodies and souls, manifesting the best of intentions…
Join us for this incredible three-night, all-inclusive retreat, which includes the inspirational program across four days and evenings, your accommodations and all gourmet meals starting with dinner on the first night and ending with a grab and go lunch on the last day. For sleeping, you have your choice of elegant rooms with fireplaces and outdoor hot tubs, to glamping in tipis (yes, tipis!) – your choice.  

Private accommodations for retreat guests only. No other guests will be staying during these days and the maximum number of participants is 10. Our beautiful property surrounded by the Bristol Hills, with amazing views, 3 miles of groomed trails, woods and horse pastures will make for a quiet and intimate setting. All activities are optional and you are free to join in or spend some quiet time on your own. You will be required to sign a waiver.​​​​
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​​Tina Albright-Menna MS, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with education and experience providing individual and group psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy, Community Integration Counseling, and Addictions Counseling. She believes in the power of a therapeutic alliance where respect, trust, and empathy provide the environment and opportunity for healing.​​
​​Suzanne Vullers is a life long horse lover. She is passionate about letting horses live a life as natural as possible. Suzanne is EAGALA certified and offers horse experience sessions with her horses for personal growth, learning, wellness and relaxation.​​
​​Brenda Archer has a 30-year career in healthcare specializing in Processes and Patient Experience. Having had her own Patient Experience with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, her passion for the human connection has been illuminated and her drive to create a space for sharing her message has led her to create ‘Inside Out’ Living Life Beyond the Surface, a symbol of how this cancer enemy became her greatest ally.  With her unique presentation skills and story telling she plans to continue socializing the importance of ‘what matters most’ and the power in being present.  Horses have been a companion for the greater part of her life and she contributes her healing greatly to these four-legged friends…they teach us so much if we are willing to listen…  

Price: $1,350 + costs for your room or tipi.
Call or email us to make your reservation or book online.

Deposit & final payment: To hold your spot, we will ask for payment of a deposit of $550.00. The balance is due two months  before the retreat.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations that are made at least 2 months in advance will receive a full refund minus a $100.00 cancellation fee. Regretfully we can not give refunds past the cancellation deadline. The only exception we can make is that we will refund 80% of your deposit in case we can rebook your spot with another participant.

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